Our Lady of the Hamptons

PREP Art Courses


All classes will be one trimester long. Each trimester will begin a new type of art making.

6th Grade

Trimester 1 - Art History/Art Appreciation Google Classroom Code: qpeapvt

Course will cover artwork from prehistoric to present day through writing and art making. Each week will focus on a specific art movement.

Trimester 2 - Drawing Google Classroom Code: 9adycw

Course will focus on drawing basics. Linework, texture, value, shape. From 2-D to 3-D drawing. Varieties of drawing mediums will be introduced and multiple techniques will be learned.

Trimester 3 - Painting Google Classroom Code: b8fagj

Course will focus on watercolor, tempera, acrylic, gauche, and oil painting techniques. Students will also learn to make their own paint using raw materials, and experiment painting on different surfaces.

7th Grade

Trimester 1 - Printmaking Google Classroom Code: vnjhx6l

Course will cover printmaking basics. Monoprints, linoleum prints, etching, etc. Will also look at the artwork made by important printmaking artists, i.e. Andy Warhol

Trimester 2 - 3D Design Google Classroom Code: 8kc1ym

Course will focus on creating 3-dimensional works through a variety of materials - cardboard, clay, paper, metal, wire, etc. Will also learn about important 3D artists.

Trimester 3 - Photography Google Classroom Code: y3tnmhz

Course will cover basics of operating a camera - digital and manual. A brief review of History of Photography. Short term paper. Lessons on shudder speed, focus, composition, etc. Students will create their own pin-hole camera using a shoebox.

8th Grade

Trimester 1 - Cartooning & Graffiti Google Classroom Code: 9ozzya9

Students will learn cartooning techniques and create original characters and stories. They will also be introduced to street art and investigate the boundaries between legal and illegal art, as well as using art for public service announcements. Final project will be either a graphic novel or a flip book.

Trimester 2 - Graphic Design Google Classroom Code: yjf7vcu

Course will cover computer art basics through Google Drawings on the Chromebooks. Will create advertisements, posters, invitations, etc. Will learn procedures for creating artwork for print production and computer production.

Trimester 3 - Independent Study/Portfolio Review

Independent Study Google Classroom Code: 5sy7xps - Students will use computer and library resources to research the art movement, artist, or type of art making of their choice. Will write a term paper and create artwork to mirror their studies.

Portfolio Review Google Classroom Code: i9qklh -Students will create a portfolio of the artwork they have made since they began art classes in the PREP. The will learn to take quality photographs of their work to create a binder of their artwork. They will also write an artist statement to put in their books. These will be great to show when applying to high school art programs.