Science and Social Studies

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Below is the login link for BOTH Pearson workbooks:

Pearson Login

User Name: OLHgrade3
Password: welcome3

For Science: click on "Elevate Science Grade 3"

Then, go to chapter and click on the lesson you need!

Topic 1: Motion & Forces

Lesson 1:
Lesson 2: Patterns in Motion
Lesson 3: Forces and Motion
Lesson 4: Balanced and Unbalanced Forces 

Topic 2: Electricity and Magnetism

Lesson 1:
Electric Forces
Lesson 2: Magnetic Forces

Topic 3: Weather

Lesson 1:
Water and Weather
Lesson 2: Seasonal Weather Changes 
Lesson 3: Weather Hazards

Topic 4: Climate

Lesson 1:
Lesson 2: Climate Change 
Lesson 3: World Climates (current chapter)

Topic 5: Animal & Plant Life Cycles

Lesson 1: Life Cycles
Lesson 2: Inherited Traits (current lesson)
Lesson 3: 

Topic 6: Animal Adaptations

Topic 7:

For Social Studies: click on "myWorld Interactive Grade 3"

Then, go to chapter and click on the lesson you need!

Chapter 1: Our Environment
Lesson 1: Land and Water
Lesson 2: Weather, Climate, and Forces of Nature
Lesson 3: Using Earth's Resources 
Lesson 4: Interacting with the Environment

Chapter 2: Economics

Lesson 1: Goods and Services
Lesson 2:
Types of Resources
Lesson 3: Economic Choices 
Lesson 4: Human Capital

Chapter 3: Communities Build a Nation

Lesson 1: America's First Peoples
Lesson 2: Early Explorers
Lesson 3: Spanish Explorers 
Lesson 4: Early French Communities 
Lesson 5: Early English Communities 
Lesson 6:

Chapter 4: Government

Lesson 1:
Lesson 2:
Lesson 3:

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6:

Chapter 7: