Welcome to Music Class with Mr. Basar!

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"In the beginning was the Note, and
the note was with God; and
whosoever can reach for that Note,
reach high, and bring it back to
us on earth...and to the extent
of his reach, partakes of the divine."

-Leonard Bernstein

MA Hands
Dear Students,

Thank you for a wonderful year of music making and learning. From Bach to the Beatles, from before that and beyond, I enjoy teaching you all that I know about music and I learn from you every single day. Thank you for the kind notes and gifts I received these last days, they are truly appreciated. If you have the opportunity to see some live music over the summer or have a good experience with music, please tell me about it! If it can't wait until the fall, send me an e-mail. I wish you all a happy and relaxing summer and I look forward to seeing you in the fall!


Mr. Basar