6th Grade Physical Science

ATTN 6th Grade: The PREP 2018-2019 Science Fair Guideline Packet has officially been posted under class resources. Parents/Guardians... please take a look and read over it with your child. This years science fair is planned for (Monday) March 11, 2019. Any questions please feel free to email me! I highly suggest that ALL begin brainstorming topics and ideas for projects.

***PLEASE NOTE: NO Volcanos, NO hazardous chemicals or forms of radiation, and please try not to require a need for electricity... as this years fair will mainly follow the Brookhaven National Lab Science Fair Requirements.  ALL projects should be original and follow the Scientific Method. 

Thank you!

-Miss. Burriesci 

Contact Info:


Topics This Year 2018-2019 Include:
(September to December)
Topic 0- Sci. Method/Measure/Graphs (DONE)
Topic 1- Intro to Matter (DONE)
Topic 2- Solids, Liquids, Gases (DONE)
Topic 8- Atoms & The Periodic Table (DONE) 
Topic 9- Chemical Reactions (DONE)

(January to May)
Topic 10- Forces & Motion (STARTED)
Topic 3- Energy 
Topic 4- Thermal Energy 
Topic 5- Waves & ER
Topic 6- Electricity and Magnetism 
Topic 7- Currents & Circuits 

Weekly Class Schedule:

Monday 1/21/19:
NO SCHOOL TODAY (Martin Luther King Day)

Tuesday 1/22/19:
Topic #10 Lesson #2...if time, move on. 

Wednesday 1/23/19:
More Speed, Velocity, Acceleration Practice Problems!!! 

Thursday 1/24/19 (LAB DAY):

Friday 1/25/19:
Complete practice problems from Wednesday as needed.