6th Grade Physical Science

Welcome to Sixth Grade Physical Science with...
Ms. Burriesci!!!!!!!!!!!!
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(TOPIC 11 Lessons 1-3) Happy Studying...we will progress onto lesson 3 next week!

Dear students,

Due to Pearson Complications with several students..I have not decided on whether to "SQUASH" the assignment entirely or to simply count some credit towards your classwork grades. I will keep you posted!


Miss. Burriesci

Contact Info:

Topics This Year 2018-2019 Include:
(September to December)
Topic 0- Sci. Method/Measure/Graphs (DONE)
Topic 1- Intro to Matter (DONE)
Topic 2- Solids, Liquids, Gases
Topic 8- Atoms & The Periodic Table 
Topic 9- Chemical Reactions

(January to May)
Topic 10- Forces & Motion 
Topic 3- Energy 
Topic 4- Thermal Energy 
Topic 5- Waves & ER
Topic 6- Electricity and Magnetism 
Topic 7- Currents & Circuits 

Weekly Class Schedule:

Monday 10/15/18:

Tuesday 10/16/18:

Wednesday 17/10/18:

Thursday 10/18/18 (LAB DAY):
"Turn Milk into Plastic" LAB ACTIVITY
-NO HOMEWORK TONIGHT!!!!...WHEN the curds dry we will measure its mass to complete the worksheet okay! 
Friday 10/19/18:

-We will have our QUIZ TODAY on TOPOC #2 Lessons 1 & 2 ONLY! 
-Today I will be giving you your "LIFT" STEM DESIGN Assignment and you may begin planning and brainstorming your design in class today!